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Katherine Farrel

Adventurer, Leader

With her razor-sharp wit and excellent knack for handling sticky situations, Katherine naturally fell into the leadership position of her group. Katherine grew up together with Steffan and Yegir in a small farming village. When the town fell on hard times, it was Katherine who suggested they seek their fortunes elsewhere. Over the years, she has developed what Yegir has called an "interesting" fighting style. She primarily fights unarmed, manipulating her environment and tackling her opponents head on.

Steffan "The Wall" Green

Adventurer, Tank

Steffan is a good-natured fellow whose love for his friends is only surpassed by his love for his shield. A creature of habit, Steffan always takes the night's first watch where he spends hours cleaning and mending his shield's battle scars. Despite the constant need for shield repairs, Steffan does not begrudge the scrapes he finds himself in. He would happily follow Katherine to the ends of earth and back, a trip they've now made three times.


Adventurer, Weapons Expert, Fighter

Yegir has never been a bardan to mince his words. When a situation is not to his liking, he makes his opinions known using either his words or his massive Zweihander. As a child, it was this bluntness that earned him several lashings and the friendship of Katherine and Steffan. Yegir revels in the thrill of battle and prefers to fight multiple enemies at once, a preference that has lead to severe injuries on more than one occasion.

Jarvan Malleck

Adventurer, Thief

Jarvan was hired by the group for this quest, but truth be told, he would have left the city of Desmena without pay. While his expertise in trap detection and disarming, lock-picking, and general sneakiness proved valuable assets when exploring ruins, those same skills had rubbed some very important people the wrong way. Knowing how far the reach of his old enemies extends, Jarvan hides his past beneath a layer of cocky bravado and careful avoidance of any in-depth discussions with other members of the group.

Dunstin "The Mule" Clayside

Adventurer, Mule

Some would describe Dunstin as reserved, quiet, or introverted. Yegir would describe him as grumpy. Dunstin rarely speaks to the other members of the group, preferring to work in silence. Dunstin joined the group out of necessity rather than the pursuit of adventure and glory. He was hired for the group's latest expedition to carry the majority of the equipment and supplies, and as such, he tries to avoid combat situations.


Cyril Marden

Student, Binder

A low-ranking mage, Cyril was sent out to handle a routine pest problem when he stumbled across something much more serious. Now he's been swept up in events outside his control.

Derron Venton

Student, Caster

Derron is one of the new students at the Academy. His uncle was once a celebrated Mage, and he hopes to follow in his footsteps. He's been good friends with Arwel and Gwynne for years.

Gwynne Dinsdale

Student, Caster

Gwynne is good friends with Arwel and Derron. She intends to travel the world in search of rare magic and forgotten spells, and has come to the Academy to study and train for this end.

Arwel Bannach

Student, Channeler

Arwel is a new student and good friends with Derron and Gwynne. He has been told his whole life that he has a talent for magic, which he hopes to develop at the Academy.


Solaris Isenthorne

Arch Councillor

Solaris is currently the head of the Council of Magi. He prides himself on being fair, calm, and cool-headed in even the most stressful situations, however, he can be ruthless, strong-minded, and at times dangerous. Most council members trust his judgement - a trust he has earned over many years.

Ariel Vanderson


Ariel has served on the council longer than anyone else, besides Solaris. She is kind-hearted and compassionate, and usually gets along well with everyone. Many magi have sought her council when Solaris is unavailable.

Enceladus Kaile


Although he keeps to himself most of the time, Enceladus will often help other magi with various tasks. Quite intelligent, he spends lots of time reading, and is the one to ask on historical matters. He's particularly self-conscious of his height and is often trying not to loom over others.

Syd Gilius


Before his untimely death, Syd was the youngest and newest member of the council. He had shown an impressive magical talent and was usually the first magi consulted over technical magical issues. He was often awestruck by the other council members and kept his distance, but had found himself getting closer to Ariel.

Callisto Drumont


Callisto has dedicated his life to the council, usually at the expense of his personal life. He had a family once, a long time ago, but he refuses to talk about it. He is one of the strongest magi on the council, but sometimes acts before thinking.

Deimos Teravenn


Quiet and calculating, Deimos is constantly looking for challenges to make him stronger. He believes in power over all else, and will pursue his goals single-mindedly. Solaris considers him a trusted protector, but Deimos is usually only looking out for himself.

Mar Dorsair


After nearly a decade of hard work, Mar was finally chosen to join the council a few years ago. She can be as ruthless as Solaris at times, and often keeps to herself, but she's not above questioning her peers or calling them out from time to time. She would never admit it, but she thinks she would be the best choice to replace Solaris as leader, should something happen.

Aikonia Team

Andrew-David Jahchan

Creator & Executive Editor

I've been a programmer since late 2005, and during those years I've mastered several web-oriented programming languages & APIs and dabbled in design. I am also founder of my own web & game development company named MADSOFT Games, inc. where I develop browser-based games and applications!

Ira Gladkova

Line Artist & Panelling

I'm an artist, writer, and web developer involved in a number of fan communities and projects, as well as developing some comics of my own. I spend the rest of my time hiding from this adulthood business with three cats, a dog, and an inordinate number of books and video games.

Karina Weber


When it comes to my medium-of-choice, I'm a bit of a mixed bag, but I specialize in making things colorful and filled with prettiness! I also work with MADSOFT Games as the Lead Illustrator on Project Velyria, and I'm in the process of developing a game about dragons. When I'm not busy doing art, I like settling down with a retro game or two, drinking tea, exploring downtown Portland, and taking 5 million pictures of my Retriever-mix, Samwise.

Corina Dransutavicius


I've been writing for MADSOFT Games in some capacity since early 2011, so I like to think that by now I've got this word thing down pretty gurd. When I'm not writing, you can find me digesting a good book, playing video games, or posting pictures of my cats on Twitter.

Jose Jimenez

Executive producer at MADSOFT Games, inc.

Katie Tiedrich

Illustrator of Aikonia's first three chapters.

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