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Chapter 6, Page 35 Webcomic

Transcript for Chapter 6, Page 35

Kat: Yegir?

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June 26th, 2016 at 3:15PM
(This was posted in the comment section, but it seemed more appropriate to post it as a blurb entry)

Hello, everyone! Artist/colorist here to give you all a bit of an update as to what the status is on the comic at this time. But first of all, for those that continue to offer us their support and readership despite the gaps in updates, I want to sincerely thank you for doing so.

Besides working on Aikonia, I also work as Lead Illustrator and Artist for Madsoft Games, which means that my attention is divided across a number of ongoing projects that I\'m involved with. Two of these had been recently featured at GDX this year: Bound Against Time and VRNinja -- you can read about these projects in the post-GDX summary on the Madsoft Games blog. Creating assets for both games was where the majority of my time was spent for about 3 weeks, which meant that the Aikonia comic had to take the sidelining seat during this time.

In addition to this, any dear readers who have read the blurbs of previous pages should be familiar with certain personal problems that I was working hard towards fixing, and had actually managed to sort through enough to return to illustrating pages for a short time. I was living in an exceedingly toxic and hostile environment where emotional meltdowns were a regular and repeated occurrence, which worsened my depression and interfered with my ability to take care of myself and concentrate/work on anything, really. The key word here is \'was\', since I am now currently free from my soul-crushing prison and living with some close friends that only want the very best for me. Of course, there was some violent fallout from when I initially broke the news of my intention to move, which resulted in my parent disowning me before they eventually decided to grudgingly accept my decision to leave, not without continued passive-aggressive behavior on their part. In addition to this, I also had to scramble to pack my belongings while this parent was at work to ensure my emotional safety/stability, returning to another friend\'s house to sleep on their couch each night during the whole process. It was an exhausting, exciting, nerve-wracking, and heavily emotional time for me.

Long story short: I needed to move to a new apartment with friends, and haven\'t been able to commit to working on the comic until settling in to my new and exceedingly more healthy/safe surroundings. I haven\'t been able to update anyone of my situation online until the stress/chaos of the whole thing subsided enough for me to organize my thoughts clearly, and I\'m sorry to see that many of you seem very upset. :(

Your continued support is invaluable to the Aikonia team. We haven\'t given up on this comic, it\'s simply a matter of survival/health taking priority over the creation of content, recently. I ask for your understanding and compassion, friends, we are only human.

For those of you that are and continue to be Patrons, I\'m going to be working on sketching the remaining pages for the entirety of this chapter to be posted exclusively to the Patreon for your viewing pleasure. Of course, the finished pages will eventually make it here as well, but at this time we want to reward our supporters on Patreon for the resilience and patience. :)
May 30th, 2016 at 10:03AM
Hey everyone!

We're finally back to our regular posting schedule!And I've also updated the website with a few new features:

- Transcripts: You can now click on the little transcript icon in the top right corner of every page to see a dialogue transcript for the page! We've been getting requests to add this feature for a while and I'm happy to finally have it!
- Archive Searching: The addition of transcripts made pages searchable! You can now visit the archives and write a word or phrase in the search field to get a list of all the pages that include said word or phrase. It's a very basic search system for now, but we plan on improving it in the future.
- Blurbs Section: You can now see all the blurb entries in one place, just like a real blog! We still want to add a lot of features to that section, but for now, you can see up to 20 entries per page and they can be filtered by team member.

Thank you for your suggestions! Feel free to leave any other suggestions, ideas, feedback, or questions in the comments!
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