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Chapter 6, Page 35 Webcomic

Transcript for Chapter 6, Page 35

Kat: Yegir?

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May 30th, 2016 at 10:03AM
Hey everyone!

We're finally back to our regular posting schedule!And I've also updated the website with a few new features:

- Transcripts: You can now click on the little transcript icon in the top right corner of every page to see a dialogue transcript for the page! We've been getting requests to add this feature for a while and I'm happy to finally have it!
- Archive Searching: The addition of transcripts made pages searchable! You can now visit the archives and write a word or phrase in the search field to get a list of all the pages that include said word or phrase. It's a very basic search system for now, but we plan on improving it in the future.
- Blurbs Section: You can now see all the blurb entries in one place, just like a real blog! We still want to add a lot of features to that section, but for now, you can see up to 20 entries per page and they can be filtered by team member.

Thank you for your suggestions! Feel free to leave any other suggestions, ideas, feedback, or questions in the comments!
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