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Project: Velyria
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If you enjoy our comic and want to support our work, you can donate to us via Paypal!
By donating $5 or more, you will automatically receive a PDF file that contains Cyril's original report that he delivered to the council on Page 7. The PDF also includes Katie Tiedrich's original sketches for the first chapter of the comic!
Every time we receive a donation, the amount donated is added to the progress bar below. Once the progress bar reaches 100%, we unlock a new free goodie for everyone to download and enjoy.
The Goodies
Council Wallpaper Cyril Wallpaper Magic Wallpaper Adventurers Wallpaper Volume One Wallpaper Set 2nd Anniversary Wallpaper Ariel Wallpaper Emblem Wallpaper Donate $89.23 more to unlock
The Store
Aikonia Volume One Council Poster Adventurers Poster Volume One Cover Poster