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Patreon is a way for content-creators to connect directly with their audiences and to work towards building growth and sustainability in their businesses. When you join Patreon, you can help your favourite artists and creators continue to build and innovate by becoming their "patron" and setting up regular, recurring payments through the website.

The meter above highlights the milestones we hope to achieve through our Patreon. You can see some examples of the rewards you could receive as a patron below.
Some Patreon Rewards
Charlotte LeeseIain FindlaySquishyFlanRyan S.RJ Mendoza

End-Of-Year Print Sale

At the end of the year, we will be printing a bundle of all the prints and wallpapers that were created for our Patrons. There will only be a limited amount available though! We will not be reprinting those.

Past Goodies
Council Wallpaper Cyril Wallpaper Magic Wallpaper Adventurers Wallpaper Volume One Wallpaper Set 2nd Anniversary Wallpaper Ariel Wallpaper Emblem Wallpaper
Want to support us but don't want to join Patreon? That's okay! You can support us via a direct (monthly or yearly) recurring subscription and get access to our Slack team.

With Slack, you will get a direct line of communication with the entire Aikonia team! This not only allows you to discuss Aikonia and Aikonia-related projects with us, but also ask us questions, share your feedback, opinions, and ideas, discuss theories, chat with other supporters, and get access to some exclusive content and polls!

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