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Chapter 1, Page 1 Webcomic

Transcript for Chapter 1, Page 1

Cyril: The plane of magic lies beside our own plane. There is a small amount of magic within everything. The magical plane itself, however, is separated from us by a barrier. We study and train to reach through this barrier and pull magic into ourselves, channeling it into spells. It requires years of training to condition ourselves for breaching the barrier... And it it is dangerous for the unskilled.

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December 28th, 2014 at 2:33AM
Hello everyone! Welcome to the official Aikonia web comic!

This comic actually serves as a precursor to a game we're developing at MADSOFT Games, inc.
Right now, you can follow us on the several social networks we've linked on the cast page.
We're looking forward to hearing all your suggestions and we hope you'll enjoy the comic!

We'll be putting up a new page every Monday!

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