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Chapter 4, Page 31 Webcomic

Transcript for Chapter 4, Page 31

Malleck: Do all your guides meet such gruesome ends?

Wall: Not ALL, no...

Malleck: Maybe I need to rethink my membership in this little group...

The group laughs.

Malleck: SHHH---

Yegir: There are wolves in these woods...

Malleck: ...and bears.

Kat: They won't fight if we can scare them off.

Wall: I don't think they'll be that easy to scare...

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September 16th, 2013 at 12:00AM
Hello everyone!
Not much to say this week, still super busy working on getting everything done on time for Edmonton Expo. Don't forget to check back on Wednesday for a preview of next week's page :)
Have a wonderful week!