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Chapter 2, Page 1 Webcomic

Transcript for Chapter 2, Page 1

Instructor Crasswidge: Hello, hello! Be seated, class. Welcome to Introduction to Magic. I am Instructor Crasswidge, and with me is Councilwoman Ariel. She will be...Observing this classroom today. Let's begin: The phenomenon known as magic is the essence of Potential, which comes from the realm of Magicka. Those who know how can tap into Magicka and draw this energy into our own world, where it can be shaped and cast as spells to cause changes. Some people have a natural aptitude for bringing magic into the world. They are known as Channelers. Others, known as Casters, have the knack for shaping the magic into spells. A rare few have the talent for both aspects, and are called Binders.

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June 6th, 2011 at 12:00AM
Hello everyone!
This week was supposed to be a guest strip week. A lot of you contacted us to let us know that you'd be willing to draw a guest page, but unfortunately, only one of you actually sent us a page, and that's not enough to have a guest strip week :(
In other news, we made some changes to the site's paging system. They're now organized by chapters and you can see that on the archives page :)
We added three new members to the cast page! Go take a look! We also added some new sharing features at the bottom of the page. You can now easily share on StumbleUpon and Twitter!
Finally, don't forget that you can support us by donating! When that progress bar reaches $100, we'll release some new free goodies, and if you donate over $5, you receive an exclusive PDF that contains the sketches for the first thirty pages of the comic (drawn by Katie Tiedrich) and Cyril's report (the one he reported on page 7).
Thank you! And we hope you enjoy Chapter Two! :D